Media reports-"China National Net" Ai Jia donates computers to Bashtoglale Village


    Report reprinted from: China National Network http://www.56-china.com.cn/show-case-617.html

    Aijia Fruit and Vegetable Development Company of Changshan County, Zhejiang Province donated computers to Bashtoglale Village

    Launch the "Year of National Unity and Progress"On the occasion, the National Unity Magazine and the People’s Congress of the autonomous region live in Yecheng The "National Unity School" co-founded by the "Visit Huiju" working group in Bashtoglale Village, Sayibag Township, County has been approved and will be listed in the near future.

      The “National Unity School” is a non-profit training school. The third batch of members of the working group of Bashtoglale Village, Sayibag Township, Yecheng County, serve as teachers. They use their leisure time to systematically teach bilingualism to all villagers. Knowledge of law, science and technology, health, etc., can better help villagers embark on a well-off road and become Xinjiang people with modern consciousness. At present, the school has obtained the first batch of computers donated by Zhejiang Changshan Aijia Fruit and Vegetable Development Co., Ltd. .

    Villagers of Bashtoglale Village participate in the Computer Skills Competition of Sayibag Township

    The National Unity Magazine will work with the working group to build the school into a platform for national unity and a carrier for targeted poverty alleviation. At present, various preparations for the school are in full swing, and the General Office of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of the Autonomous Region has DialSpecial funds for decoration Housing, building computer classrooms.

      "With the computer training class in the village, we can learn Internet knowledge without leaving the village, which provides us with a convenient way to understand the outside world. It is not only beneficial to the rich pockets, but also beneficial to the rich brains. It is a happy event for the whole village." Mahemuti Nuzhek, secretary of the village party branch, said excitedly.

    A lesson from the villagers of Bashtograd

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