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    "Unexpectedly? This is last year's Huyou." In November, Changshan Huyou was mined. However, Zhejiang Aijia Fruit and Vegetable Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Aijia Fruit and Vegetable), a leading local enterprise in the processing and sales of Huyou, showed to reporters , But it is a few last year's huyou, they are still full of skin, fleshy.

    These huyou come from Aijia Fruit and Vegetable's professional cold storage. Large-scale professional cold storage has broken the previous limitation that Huyou can only be stored in May of the following year. More importantly, the professional cold storage has added a part of the cold storage of raw materials to the Huyou deep processing industry chain.

    This year is a bumper harvest of Changshan Huyou. According to the forecast of the local agricultural department, the total output of Huyou this year may reach 136,000 tons-an increase of about 15% compared with last year, which is also the highest output of Changshan Huyou since statistics. At present, Changshan Huyou has formed a "Four Tens" industrial structure with an area of more than 100,000 mu, an output of more than 100,000 tons, an output value of more than 1 billion yuan, and more than 100,000 employees. However, Changshan's expectations for Huyou do not stop there. He proposed to expand the Huyou related industries to a scale of tens of billions by the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

    How to make Changshan Huyou more effective? In the season when grapefruit is full of fragrance, the reporter visited Changshan County to see how Huyou "breaks" into a new world.

    Minus 20℃

    Huyou "crosses" the four seasons

    In Aijia Fruits and Vegetables, Chairman Qin Hanfen took us to visit the production line of Huyou juice. At the end of the production line, Qin Hanfen pointed to a bottle of beverage bottles moving forward in a neat line, and said to us: "The entire production line has been automated, and no human contact is required. Juice."

    "This is NFC fresh juice made from Changshan Huyou." Qin Hanfen handed us Huyou juice. We unscrewed the bottle cap gently and smelled a fresh grapefruit scent.

    NFC juice, that is, non-concentrated and reduced juice, means to clean the fresh original fruit and squeeze it out. After pasteurization, it is directly filled into 100% pure juice without being concentrated and restored.

    Increasing the output value of Huyou deep processing is the direction of Changshan Huyou industry. For a long time, Changshan Huyou pomelo has been mainly eaten fresh, and the processing ratio is only about 30%. Not long ago, Changshan issued the "Action Plan on Accelerating the High-quality Development of Changshan Huyou Industry in Three Years (2020-2022)". In 2022, the proportion of fruit deep processing will reach more than 40%.

    In October this year, the bottled Aiyouxiang NFC Huyou juice produced by Aijia Fruit and Vegetable was launched. The raw materials for juicing come from the cold storage of Aijia Fruits and Vegetables. Qin Hanfen introduced: “In December last year, the company’s 68,000 cubic meters of cold storage was put into use. The temperature of the cold storage was kept at minus 20°C throughout the year, and it could store more than 10,000 tons of Huyou.” In May of each year, fresh Huyou fruit is sold. The last timeline. In May of this year, Aijia Fruits and Vegetables responded to the government's call to purchase the remaining Changshan Huyou from the previous season at a price of about 1.8 yuan per kilogram. A total of more than 3,000 tons were purchased and stored in the cold storage. This not only gives pomelo farmers a reassurance, but also allows companies to have stable production materials throughout the year.

    Wrapped in down jackets, we walked into the three-story cold storage. The Huyou that was brought in from the conveyor belt quickly froze as hard as a rock. "On this quick-frozen production line, as long as 8 to 10 seconds, the huyou will be frozen to minus 20°C for preservation, and it can also be thawed for production at any time." Qin Hanfen introduced.

    Huyou industry is a project to enrich the people of Changshan. Changshan Huyou has stretched from a tree and a fruit to the entire industrial chain, which directly increased the income of local farmers by 500 million yuan. In recent years, the Changshan County Party Committee and Government has promoted the high-quality development of the Huyou industry. The main person in charge of the Changshan County Party Committee stated that he adheres to the development strategy of integrating the first, second and third industries of Huyou, adheres to high-end finishing, improves the economic value of Huyou, promotes industry-university-research cooperation, and pushes the deep processing of Huyou and the utilization of medicinal materials to the development of the entire industry chain. Actively explore new paths for the integration of agriculture and tourism, so that Huyou can truly become the "fruit of wealth" for the people.

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