Dandong strawberry

    Planting base: Dandong, Liaoning
    Dandong strawberry is a geographical indication of national agricultural products. Dandong is rich in water resources, with a humid climate, abundant rainfall and plenty of sunlight, suitable for strawberry growth. Ai Jia has a long-term cooperation with Dandong Strawberry Agricultural Society and invested in its own strawberry base in the local area. The annual strawberry sales reached 100 million yuan.

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    Product introduction

    Planting base: Dandong, Liaoning

    Dandong strawberry is a geographical indication of national agricultural products. Dandong has abundant water resources, humid climate, abundant rainfall and plenty of sunshine, which is suitable for strawberry growth. Ai Jia has a long-term cooperation with Dandong Strawberry Agricultural Society and invested in its own strawberry base in the local area. The annual strawberry sales reached 100 million yuan.

    Early adopter season

    November-June of the following year

    Fruit highlights

    Selected Japanese red face varieties
    Natural growth without swelling
    The fruit is full, sweet and juicy

    How to eat/storage

    Dandong Jiujiu Strawberry, also known as Hongyan Strawberry, is currently the most popular strawberry variety in China. It is characterized by its mellow smell and sweet taste. Strawberries produced in Dandong are close to the coast and have weathered sand that is most suitable for strawberry growth. This is a unique place. With oceanic climate, large temperature difference in the night, suitable humidity and light, can they produce beautiful appearance and pure taste. Hongyan top strawberry.
    First of all, of course, you have to rinse it. Although it is very clean, there will be dust. Secondly, strawberry ripening starts from the "tip" of the fruit, so the sugar is formed first, gathers the most, and is also the sweetest place. I remember that my daughter ate strawberries when she was a child, and left the big "strawberry butt", because the child's sense of taste is very sensitive and forms a conditioned reflex. She always eats the sweet place first, and does not leave the unsweetened place. Love it. Strawberries that are usually bought may be sold before they are completely red. This is because strawberries need to go through many processes from picking to selling. Each process may cause damage to the strawberry fruit surface and affect the appearance of the strawberry. Therefore, it will be picked a little earlier to maintain a certain hardness.
    This kind of strawberry is red when you buy it. When you eat it, if it is relatively small, you can remove the stem and put it in your mouth. Slowly crush it with your tongue to feel the smoothness of the strawberry juice. If you have a large strawberry, you can cut the strawberry vertically into 2 or 4 portions, which tastes equally good.
    Third, rinse your mouth after eating strawberries to remove the residual sugar in your mouth and protect your teeth.
    Although strawberries are delicious, don't eat too many at a time, you can eat some every day, which is good for your body. Fourth, after the strawberry is washed with water, the protective layer on the surface is destroyed and it is easy to rot. Every time you eat strawberries, wash as much as you eat.
    Fifth, strawberries can also be boiled into canned strawberries. Method: 1 part of strawberry, 1 part of water, 0.3 part of white sugar, simmer on low heat, until the soup is thick. According to personal preference, you can put more sugar if you like sweet ones.
    Sixth, Strawberry Sara. If you are tired, use yogurt, yellow peaches, apples, bananas, etc. to make salads. Strawberries should be larger, and the other ones should be smaller as ingredients. I tasted it once and can't stop it anymore.
    Seventh, strawberry wine. It has the functions of nourishing the stomach, promoting body fluids and quenching thirst, diuresis and diarrhea, eliminating fatigue, increasing appetite, and beauty. Proportion: 500 grams of strawberries, 500 grams of rice wine, 125 grams of crushed rock sugar, wash the strawberries, remove the pedicles, and drain the water. In a glass or ceramic container, put the strawberries and rock sugar in it in turn, and finally pour the rice wine head, seal it for 6 months, open it and drink it.
    Eighth, frozen strawberries. Put the stalked and washed strawberries in the refrigerator and freeze until solid. Take out the strawberries when you eat them and turn them into a soft layer on the surface, like ice cream, which is extremely delicious in the hot summer. There are many ways to eat strawberries, there is always one that suits you.

    1. Low temperature storage
    Studies have shown that the optimum temperature for storage and transportation of strawberries is 0~0.5℃, and the maximum allowable temperature is 4.4℃, but the duration cannot exceed 48 hours. At the same time, the air humidity is maintained at 80% to 90%. After the strawberry is harvested, it must be pre-cooled quickly and evenly, and then stored at low temperature. The storage temperature is kept at a constant temperature of 0~2℃, and can be stored for 7~10 days, but the refrigeration time cannot be too long, otherwise the flavor quality will gradually decrease. If the cold storage temperature is around 12℃, it can be stored for 3 days, and it can be stored for 4 days above 8℃. The storage requirement of pollution-free strawberries should not exceed 5 days.
    2. Modified atmosphere storage
    Modified atmosphere storage is the artificial adjustment of the air composition in the process of strawberry storage to achieve the purpose of storage and preservation. At present, plastic film tents are mostly used for storage, that is, polyethylene film with a thickness of 0.2 mm is used for tents to form a relatively sealed storage environment, plus silicon window control. The suitable gas components for strawberry air conditioning are: 3% oxygen, 3% to 6% carbon dioxide, 91% to 94% nitrogen, and the storage time is 10 to 15 days. If air conditioning is combined with low temperature refrigeration, the storage period will be longer. . The carbon dioxide concentration should be properly controlled. If it is as high as 10%, the fruit will soften, the flavor will be poor, and there will be a wine taste. California, the United States, carried out storage tests under high carbon dioxide conditions with light-insensitive strawberry varieties Aroma, Diamond and Selva. The results showed that the aroma of strawberries stored with increased carbon dioxide concentration tended to increase, and high carbon dioxide gas stimulated strawberry fruit fermentation The increase in ethanol concentration is beneficial to the synthesis of ethyl acetate and increases the total amount of strawberry aroma substances. According to domestic experiments, Baojiao early-growing strawberries are sealed in a vacuum dryer and filled with carbon dioxide in a cylinder with a concentration of 10%. The good fruit rate and commodity rate of 20 days stored at 0 ℃ reach 94%, which opens up opportunities for strawberry transportation and short-term storage. A new way.
    Three, radiation storage
    Radiation storage is to irradiate strawberry berries with gamma rays emitted by the isotope cobalt 60 to kill all microorganisms on the surface of the fruit to reduce the infection of various diseases and achieve the purpose of storage and preservation. Irradiating strawberries with a dose of 2000 Ge (1 Ge = 1 Joule/kg) can significantly reduce the number of fruit molds by about 90%, and at the same time eliminate other Gram-negative bacilli.
    Four, heat treatment storage
    Strawberry heat treatment is an effective, safe, simple and economical method to prevent postharvest rot. In the case of high air humidity, processing strawberry fruits at 44 degrees Celsius for 40-60 minutes can reduce the rot rate of strawberries by 50%. After 40 minutes of processing, the flavor, aroma, texture and appearance quality of the berries will not be affected.
    5. Iontophoresis storage
    Put the strawberry into the electroosmotic solution (1% calcium chloride plus 0.2% sodium sulfite) in the electroosmosis tank, and carry out electroosmosis treatment with a voltage of 110 volts and a current of 50 mA for 1.5 hours. It is sealed in a polyethylene film bag and stored at a low temperature of 4℃ with a relative humidity of 92%-95%. After electroosmosis, the calcium concentration in the fruit increases, which can stabilize the structure of the biofilm, reduce permeability, and prevent tissue disintegration. Sodium sulfite decomposes to produce carbon dioxide, which not only has antiseptic effect, but also inhibits the activity of polyphenol oxidase in the fruit, and can inhibit fruit browning. Strawberries treated by iontophoresis have a 30-day storage rate of less than 5%. The quality is also maintained better.
    Six, chitin coating film
    Chitin is a high molecular weight cationic polysaccharide that can form a semi-permeable membrane and is non-toxic and safe. Use 1% chitin to coat strawberry fruit with a layer of film, which can significantly reduce the decay of strawberry at 13℃. After 21 days, the decay rate is about 1/5 of the control. The effect is better than that of fungicides. Damage, can maintain good hardness.

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