Kaman orange juice drink (330ml bottle)

    Juice content: ≥40%

    Single bottle specification: 330ml/bottle, 1L/bottle

    Packing specifications: 33ml*6 bottles, 330ml*12 bottles, 1L*6 bottles

    Shelf life: 45 days

    Storage method: low temperature storage (0℃-5℃)

    This product contains pulp, sedimentation and stratification are normal phenomena, please rest assured to drink, please shake well before drinking

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    Product introduction

    Kaman orange: Kaman orange is a hybrid of lemon and kumquat, rich in natural fruit acid and vitamin C, green skin and golden flesh, rich in natural antioxidants-vitamin C and fruit acid, and calcium Minerals such as phosphate and phosphorus are very good for improving the body’s immunity and strengthening the physique.

    Carefully selected raw materials, freshly squeezed technology, rich nutrition, low temperature preservation

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