Bayberry juice drink (1L bottle)

    Juice content:>75%

    Single bottle specification:1L/Bottle

    Packing specification: 1L/Bottle*6Bottle

    Shelf life:45days

    Storage method: low temperature storage (0℃-5℃)

    This product contains pulp aging, precipitation and stratification are normal phenomena, please rest assured to drink, please shake well before drinking

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    Product introduction

    Strictly select the raw materials-- Lanxi Dongkui Yangmei

    Lanxi, Zhejiang, has a long history and experience in planting. The mountains are rich in rare earths, which give birth to extraordinary bayberry, which is called "agate in fruit". Here is the unique growing environment of Dongkui bayberry, with a mild climate and abundant rainfall.

    1. Non-polluted traditional planting: The whole planting process mainly uses soil ash, farmyard manure, organic fertilizer and other fertilizers. Direct irrigation with local mountain spring water.
    2. Refuse pesticides: During the growth of bayberry, refuse to use pesticides to prevent physical damage, such as the use of solar insect traps. In addition, biological treatment is also used .
    3. Timely harvest: Every bayberry has gone through a sufficient growth cycle and reached the optimal maturity period before people begin to harvest it.

    Yellowberry juice content≥60%, the juice content is higher than similar products

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