Huyou Juice Drink (330ml bottle)

    Juice content: 100% juice

    Single bottle specification: 330ml/bottle

    Packing specifications: 330ml/bottle*6 bottles, 330m/bottlel*12 bottles

    Shelf life: 90 days

    Storage method: low temperature storage (0℃-5℃)

    This product contains pulp, sedimentation and stratification are normal phenomena, please rest assured to drink, please shake well before drinking

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    Product introduction

    Taste: sweet and slightly bitter, full-bodied, fresh flavor

    "Aiyouxiang" Huyou Juice Drink is freshly squeezed from high-quality raw fruits without any additives, perfectly retaining the unique taste of Huyou, allowing consumption者360days, I can eat fresh Huyou every day.

    Making a good bottle of juice starts from planting

    Self-operated 4369 acres of national citrus standard demonstration orchard base-"Taigongshan" Huyou base, digital management mode, no natural growth cycle of fruit-bearingless than 180 days.

    1. Excellent fruit trees: from seedling breeding to nutrient bowl seedlings, excellent varieties produce good quality fruits;
    2. Physical hazard prevention, biological treatment;
    3. Imported organic fertilizer and farmyard manure are used throughout the planting process;
    4. The tree is self-matured and picked at the right time.

    Ingenuity  100% fresh fruit pressing

    1. Select materials carefully;
    2. three cleaning and screening;
    3. Physical squeeze;
    4. filter refinement;
    5. filling sterilization;
    6. cold chain preservation.

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