Escort the enterprise "to the bottom"! Changshan Huyou transformed into delicious juice


    Changshan Huyou has been welcomed by the market because of its high quality, unique taste and healthy body.However, due to factors such as the new crown pneumonia epidemic and overall lower fruit prices, At present, some farmers in Changshan County still store some Huyous that are not good in appearance and lack fresh sales value.In order to do a good job in later sales, the county government organizes special meetings to encourage various entities to expand Huyou sales channels and increase Huyou processing and utilization efforts.

    In this regard, Zhejiang Aijia Fruits and Vegetables Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Aijia Fruits and Vegetables") actively responded to the government’s call and quickly commissioned an annual output of 12,000. Ton Huyou juice production line,The purchase of Changshan Huyou pomelo has given pomelo farmers a "resting pill".

    On May 25th, the reporter came to Aijia Fruits and Vegetables. Outside the factory, trucks came to transport Huyou in an endless stream. The golden fruits were piled up into hills, and the workers were busy unloading and shipping; in the workshop, just now The automated production line launched at full capacity,After picking, cleaning, disinfecting, and squeezing, each Changshan Huyou pomelo is transformed into a delicious Huyou juice, which is mouth-watering< span style="margin:0px;padding:0px;max-width:100%;font-family:-apple-system-font, BlinkMacSystemFont, "letter-spacing:0.544px;text-align:justify;text-indent: 34px;white-space:normal;background-color:#ffffff;font-size:16px;color:#ff7800;box-sizing:border-box="" !important;overflow-wrap:break-word=""! important;"="">.

    “Our telephone calls have not stopped in the past few days. At most, we received more than 600 consultation calls from farmers in one day.” Aijia Fruit and Vegetable General Manager Wang Yong introduced that the company released information on the purchase of Huyou during the commissioning of the production line. Huyou prices are based on quality and low-income farmers are given priority to purchase. Up to now, about 600 tons of Huyou have been acquired,"According to the operation of the production line, it can consume about 200 tons per day and produce 70-100 tons of Huyou juice. ”

    As a national agricultural leading enterprise, Aijia Fruit and Vegetable has been deeply involved in the Huyou industry. It has successively built an annual production line of 30,000 tons of Huyou quick-frozen production lines, a cold storage of 53,000 cubic meters, and invested 570 million yuan in the construction of the "Pomelo Valley" agricultural complex project . This time the launchHuyou Juice PlusIndustry production line投資2200萬元,It can process 30,000 tons of Huyou and produce 12,000 tons of Huyou juice annually.

    Wang Yong 與此原文有關的更多信息要查看其他翻譯信息,您必須輸入相應原文

    Jiéhé nónghù de xiāoshòu xūqiú, yùjì zhè cì ‘dōudǐ’ shōugòu de hú yòu zǒng liàng zài 4000-5000 dūn. Zhèxiē hú yòu jiāng bèi yòng yú shēngchǎn 100%hú yòu guǒzhī jí lěngdòng hú yòu piàn děng chǎnpǐn.

    zài qǐyè chǎngqū nèi, zhèngzài wèi hú yòu guòbàng de qīngshí zhèn chéng tán cūn cūnmín zhāng shēn mǐn xīnqíng tèbié hǎo.“Wǒmen cūnlǐ dàgài hái yǒu 100 lái wàn jīn hú yòu xiǎo guǒ, běnlái yǎnkànzhe tiānqì rèle, zhèng fāchóu méi rén lái shōu. Jiéguǒ ài jiā zhè biān jiù kāishǐ shōugòule.” Tā xiàozhe shuō.

    zhāng shēn mǐn 展開 4293 / 5000 keyboard 翻譯結果 Based on the sales demand of farmers, it is estimated that the total amount of Huyou purchased by "Doudi" will be 4000-5000 tons. These huyou will be used to produce 100% huyou juice and frozen huyou slices.

    In the factory area, Zhang Shenmin, a villager in Chengtan Village, Qingshi Town, who is weighing Huyou, is in a particularly good mood. “There are about 100 more in our village. Wanjin Huyou Xiaoguo, seeing the weather getting hot, was worried that no one would come to collect it. As a result, Ai Jia started the acquisition. "He said with a smile.

    Zhang Shenmin

    The villagers plan to bring all the Huyou to Aijia for sale. Over 100,000 catties have been shipped these days, and all the Huyou sales have been received.

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