Zhejiang Aijia in the live broadcast of CCTV Finance Channel


    Live playback link:https://vod.cctv.cn/cctv/cctvh5/cctv2/finance/index.html?pageId=videolive://OlyL20201127161300000CH00003081

    At two o'clock in the afternoon on November 28, 2020, CCTV Finance Channel held a one-hour event with the theme of "Sweet and Sour Juicy Fruity, Changshan Huyou Harvest Time" as the theme. live.

    In the national standard demonstration orchard "Aijia" Huyou base, the host of CCTV Finance and Economics Pei Lei broadcast live on the picking activities. The activity started with a loud cheer, which is a national intangible cultural heritage and a unique way of blessing in Changshan. With one cheer, a good harvest for a year.

    In addition to the Aijia Huyou picking site, the live broadcast also entered our processing workshop, introducing to the majority of netizens the "Aiyouxiang" 100% Huyou Juice Drink.

    Reporter Wei Xiaoxiao introduced to everyone that the juice in her hand is a kind of juice unique to Changshan County. When you open the lid, you can smell a kind of scent of huyu. It is sweet with a bit of bitterness. It is the unique taste of Changshan Huyou.

    Wang Cheng, the person in charge of the e-commerce department of Zhejiang Aijia, introduced to everyone that the Huyou pomelo will be cleaned, preserved and classified on the automatic sorting machine after being picked. The automatic sorting opportunity is automatically sorted according to the weight and size of the Huyou. Levels. Our company's new NFC Huyou Juice Drink is squeezed from the highest grade Huyou.

    Wu Raoxing, manager of Zhejiang Aijia library, also walked into the live broadcast room and introduced the company's cold storage at minus 20 degrees Celsius.

    Finally, Wang Yong, general manager of Zhejiang Aijia Food, shared some of the company's plans and ideas for the future. Mr. Wang introduced: "Huyou juice only started to go on the market in October, and the current sales performance has reached more than 20 million yuan. The company's current production line can produce 3,000 bottles of Huyou juice per hour, and the annual production capacity is about 7 million bottles. In the future, we will do every bottle of juice carefully, continue to increase the scale and production capacity from the planting end to the production end to meet the increasing Increasing consumer demand and customer groups, working towards the tens of billions of output value, let more people know about Huyou juice, understand Huyou juice, and like Huyou juice!"

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